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Marketing Strategy

The Navigation Marketing Process

The 10K foot approach

We help develop a marketing process to create a structure to define, understand, measure, review & act on a daily, monthly and annual basis for all revenue- generating activities. This also helps to identify the ‘right things’ and learning how to do them well. We do it over a three-step process:

1) Strategy

It is always the high-level conceptualization of how your offering will penetrate in the market. This will be the global, long-term go to market strategy along with the brand canvas and will cover the following:

  • Competitive Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Distribution Channels

2) Acquisition

The marketing mediums and tactics that we will use to execute the formed strategy to achieve the goals.

  • Planning
  • Sales Process – Traditional: Traditional Media, Direct Mail, Publicity, Telemarketing, Events
  • Campaign Planning: Digital: SEO & SEM, Social Media & E-Mail Marketing
  • Marketing Plan: Management: Customer Retention, Business Development & Sales Management

3) Instruments

The assets, software & processes that would be used during the tactical execution of strategies.

We conduct periodic reviews to identify opportunities, evaluating best tactics to be used, adoption of new processes for tactical execution, clarify marketing strategies to keep a balance of focus on understanding what to be doing and doing things well.