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Simply put, we make you visualize your dreams, identify roadblocks, take you to the root cause, and help you fix the issues on permanent basis. We understand your symptoms could be different from the actual problem, that’s why we carry out a complete diagnostic before attempting any solution.

We cover the canvas from Management Consulting - Business Consulting - Business Coaching/Mentoring. We do understand that the canvas is large but depending upon the size of the Company and the kind of intervention required, the solutions may traverse all these areas. Business Consulting in its purest sense is the ability to magnetize a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, mature or start-up business to areas of critical performance based on meaningful, experienced, and documented understanding of the issue. Those critical areas can be Strategy alignment, marketing strategy, competitive advantage, business model or any of the issues challenging the Company.

An enormous amount of consulting is theoretical but here at, Business Navigators, we work with empirical understanding of the complexities of the situation, particularly regarding things that have multiple impact points. We look at a problem and opportunity in a non-static way and see it dynamically. Our endeavour is to analyse in an integrative way; to understand how the problem or the opportunity, interrelates with other factors and to be able to, from our experience, council, advise, and direct the business owner to take better actions and make better decisions that will produce a greater outcome for the time and effort.

A “Business Coach” is a person who can impact the growth of a business or individual – through the process of optimizing the business goals and persons involved through series of proven strategies, ultimately moving the entity towards mutually agreed upon goals. While this is not the reality of every situation, theoretically, we have the ability to help a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, to look at their situation, their circumstances in totality, or an element of their business and to establish what we call THE GAP. So we jointly establish an aspirational goal that is essentially a delta between where you are now and where you want to be. And where they want to be may or may not be where they could or should be. But it’s something the coach and the client agree upon together.

Some of the reasons why do many business owners never achieve their goals?

  • They personal and business objectives are in conflict
  • They have abstract hopes and dreams.
  • They don’t reverse engineer.
  • They don’t have plans strategic and Tactical.
  • They don’t monitor their progress.
  • They don’t analyse data.
  • They do not learn from the Past

The business coach’s job is to guide the client through the different points, methodologies, philosophies, and ideologies required for attaining the targeted goals for growth. There’s a multiplicity of ways that a coach can work. But basically, the coach collaborates with the client to help the client. The coach doesn’t do the client’s work. The coach helps the client to achieve, over a period of time, a specific or an integrative goal. And it depends on the relationship.

Then we also act as a Mentor to some of the Business Owners. The basic difference between Mentor and the Coach here is that in case of coaching the owner knows where to go and is looking at Coach to guide him to reach the Goal. In case of mentorship the whole process of arriving at Goals and and execution is guided by the MENTOR. We do consider ourselves a High Performance Mentors. We are the thinking partners because we help you think differently. We are true mentors most of the time as opposed to just being a coach. A mentor is somebody who’s been there, done that, knows what’s possible, what’s dangerous and will not allow you to under-aspire or over-aspire without progression. We help you first of all clarify what you’re trying to accomplish and why. We then reconcile where accomplishing that in your current competitive environment with the strategy and business model and dynamics metrics you’re yielding is going to get you there or not. We operate in this world called optimization, or they’re spread across several points. We care deeply about the transformative impact that our expertise or skill makes. Meaning that when we apply it, we must add a reasonable certainty that given the right environment, and the right dynamics has a higher probability of producing a desired and a positive outcome.